Matek - One - Ett universellt bostadsprojekt

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Universal housing concept

Matek One - Base & Add

Matek One – Base & Add

Matek ONE is a universal concept developed to handle all types of housing projects, everything from smaller residential buildings such as townhouses, semi-detached houses, row houses and single-family houses to larger apartment buildings of up to 8 floors.

The concept is based on our unique BASE and ADD module system. The principle is that each living unit has at least one BASE module which can be integrated with ADD modules if needed.

All the BASE modules contain kitchen, bathroom/shower, vertical shaft, and living area, while the ADD modules contain bedrooms and additional living area. Internal stairs can be placed in both BASE and ADD modules.

An important advantage of the concept is that the number of shafts and pipelines is minimized which ensures optimized material consumption, effective production, and fixed pricing system.

The modules are assembled on site, roof constructions and external gangways will be added afterwards into housing units.

Matek ONE has been developed in a way to maximize the prefabrication in factory and to spend minimum time on building site.

Matek One - Base & Add
Matek One - Base & Add
Principle sketch of the modular system for multi-dwelling building on four floors

Façade – materials and colours

Façade is a combination of wooden cladding, various stone based plates and façade sheet metals.
There are four different colours and material combinations:

  1. Black wooden cladding
  2. Natural (untreated) wooden cladding
  3. Grey wooden cladding and profiled steel
  4. Green wooden cladding and dark façade sheet metal

Main entrance door can be placed parallel with the gangway. In that case, all doors and windows are in the gable sides of the modules. Or the main entrance door can be placed on the side (around the living units' corner) to have larger window area and more daylight.

Floor plans - terraced house

Matek One - Base & Add
Matek One - Base & Add

The Matek ONE living units offer practical and functional room layout.

The BASE modules have a spacious hallway with plenty of storage room. From the hall you have a direct view through in the living room windows to outside.

Matek ONE - radhus
Matek ONE - radhus
Matek ONE - radhus

Floor plans - apartment house

Matek ONE - flerbostadshus
Matek One - Base & Add
Matek One - Base & Add
Matek One - Base & Add

To ensure the efficient use of space there is an open plan kitchen combined with living room.

The balconies are covered so they can be used all year around.

Matek One - Base & Add


Fördelar med trä - Matek One

Advantages of wood

Wood is not just a beautiful material. Using wood both for - the facade and the constructional part - has many benefits for environment and human. Wood is a renewable and climate-smart building material as it binds carbon dioxide from the air.

Using wood as a building material contributes to the long-term effect of carbon dioxide storage.

As additional advantage to human health, wood has therapeutic effect - surrounding yourself with wood increases well-being and decreases stress and pain. Wood as a living material affecting the room physically in a positive way – it has good impact to temperature, humidity as well as light and acoustics.

Matek ONE - interiör

Matek – Story

Matek, Estonia's oldest and most experienced house producer, is now taking the housing concept Matek ONE to the next level - high quality and flexibility into modern industrialization!

We have a long history by developing products for our customers and being a professional partner.
Matek currently works successfully with production of timber frame elements and modules, but also with CLT.

With Matek ONE, we can offer our customers a concept that meets the market's demand for quality housing with an optimal combination of price and quality and the shortest possible time from the idea to actual moving in.

Since the 1980s, Matek has developed products according to customers' needs, norms and standards which meet the requirements even of the most demanding customers. Experienced, highly qualified workers and modern technology in collaboration with architects and customers, means that we have quickly created a system that stands for the core values within Matek. The brand and the company stand for premium quality and good customer service, which has made it possible for us to maintain good business relations with our customers for decades.

Our partners are close to us and we offer turn-key solutions above the finished foundation.

As Estonia's oldest industrial manufacturer of wooden-based housing and relying on more than thirty years of experience, we focus on continuous innovation. A largely automated factory line run by highly trained specialists provide excellent precision and a high-quality product.

Matek is a 100% family-owned company, which guarantees consistency and long-term perspective both ideologically and in the production phase.

Matek One - Base & Add


Kontakt Matek One

Matek Modul AB

Manufacturer of modular housing.

Hans Åkesson
070-621 12 85

Kontakt Matek One
Kontakt Matek One